Sometimes the “Church” Has Been Part of the Problem

Sometimes the “Church” Has Been Part of the Problem, Not the Solution As I entered into ministry, I started to notice a disturbing trend.  Many of the people who participated in our groups, or came for counselling, had some type of church background. (Probably two-thirds of the people who accessed our ministry fall into this […] Read more »

What God Taught Me About Freedom

You may wonder who I am. Twenty-five years ago, I was sure I had all the answers.  I knew the power of Christ had changed my life, and I was sure that it would do the same for others. But, underneath that veneer of assurance, I had my own personal struggles with change. You see, […] Read more »

Healing is What Jesus Did

Healing is what Jesus did in his ministry here on earth. Over and over again, people wounded in body and spirit came to him, and he did not turn them away. He touched them and made them whole. They became committed followers of Christ, doing great things in his name. Today, the church is the […] Read more »

The Problem with Discipleship

Discipleship is the process of someone becoming a sold-out follower of Jesus.  While the church acknowledges that this is a matter of character development, the keys to the process are often limited to prayer and Bible study. Churches are discovering that leading someone to faith in Jesus is now much more complicated than praying with […] Read more »

Go To the Ones Who Can Help

If I had a toothache, I would go to a dentist for help.  My expectation would be that the dentist would have some specialized training to relieve the tooth pain.  I have a great dentist.  He has the requisite training, and, being a godly man, I believe he listens to the leading of the Spirit […] Read more »

Forgiveness and Emotional Healing

At a home fellowship group, we were talking about forgiveness.  One of my friends said, “I’ve forgiven the people who hurt me, but I can’t seem to forget about it.  The incident keeps coming back to my mind and it hurts so much.” She was amazed and relieved when I told her, “There’s a difference […] Read more »

Mental Illnesses Are Medical Conditions

Mental illnesses such as clinical depression or anxiety and schizophrenia are not uncommon in society. Worldwide, over one hundred and twenty million people suffer from depression (See  It is important to consider that some of the spiritual and emotional struggles a person is facing may be compounded by an untreated mental illness. Mental illnesses […] Read more »

What Emotional Wounds Are Common to People?

The following emotional wounds are common to the human race: Shame:  I’m a mistake Abandonment and Rejection:  People always leave Powerlessness:  No matter what I do nothing changes Betrayal:  You can’t trust anyone Sexuality and Identity: Who am I? The process for treatment begins with stepping out of the darkness of denial. Let’s use a […] Read more »

Understanding Emotional Wounds

Over the years I have seen that, while the situations in which people are wounded may vary, the heart wounds have certain similarities. In the early days of my counselling ministry I facilitated groups for women who had been sexually abused as children. These victims exhibited the same core wounds: they carried a deep sense […] Read more »