6 Signs of Schizophrenia or Any Psychotic Breakdown

Here are some signs for a psychotic breakdown: 1.   Emotionally flat and withdrawn or very excited, hostile or grandiose 2.   Poor verbal communication, disorganized, unconnected thoughts 3.   Delusional thinking, believing something to be true that is outside the realm or reason and for which there is no real evidence, often religious 4.   Seeing things not […] Read more »

15 Signs of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Here are some signs of adult attention deficit disorder: 1.   Chronic forgetfulness 2.   Problems with time and money management 3.   Disorganized lifestyle 4.   Frequent moves or job changes 5.   Periodic depression, mood swings or anxiety as in the mood disorders above 6.  Chronic patterns of underachievement 7.   Feelings of restlessness 8.   Impulsive behavior 9.   Tendency […] Read more »