Why We Hurt Each Other

I had been meeting with a lady for the past few months, helping her walk through a challenging situation. She had been sexually abused as a child and, while she had previously seen a counsellor, this was the first time she had looked at the pain in her life from a Christian perspective. We didn’t […] Read more »

Be Who Jesus Is…No Program, Relationship

(Jesus and the Pharisees  John 3: 1-21) Does it come as a shock to you that Jesus loved the Pharisees?  He did.  While he openly and publicly rebuked their religious practices, he desired that they come into a true relationship with God. In John chapter three Jesus receives a night time visitor, the Pharisee Nicodemus. […] Read more »

Be Who Jesus Is…Belief, not Condemnation

(Jesus and Peter Matthew 16: 13-28; Matthew 26:31-35; John 21: 15-19) Peter knew, the Spirit revealed to him, that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God! (Matthew 16:16)  It was a bold statement.  And Peter, who had a few short chapters earlier experienced walking on a storm-tossed sea, said it with conviction. […] Read more »

Be Who Jesus Is…Respect, Not Fear

(Jesus and the Woman at the Well John 4: 1-42) The disciples left their teacher, Jesus, beside a dusty well outside a town in Samaria. It was approaching midday, so most women, desiring to avoid the midday heat, had already come for water. The disciples went to town looking for some food, leaving Jesus to […] Read more »

Be Who Jesus Is..No Pride, No Shame

(Jesus and Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10) During a walkabout in Jericho, Jesus notices a short man perched in a tree, craning to see him. We don’t really know Zacchaeus’s motivation to see Jesus. Crowd curiosity?  Perhaps.  When he was shopping for groceries, had he seen a picture of Jesus in the National Jewish Enquirer and wanted […] Read more »

Be Who Jesus Is — A Safe Person!

It is a good thing to do what Jesus did! It is a better thing to be who Jesus is! Good actions from wrong motives are not good at all.  Even worse, wrong motives can lead to the damage and destruction of our lives.  That’s why the writer of Proverbs stated:   Above all else, […] Read more »

Unsafe People Affect Our Ability to Trust God

People who have been wounded in their childhood have always known the reality that life is not safe; that things which sometimes seem safe are not.  They wonder why people say that families are important to the stability of society, when their family has self-destructed, leaving broken souls and broken bodies in its wake. Jesus […] Read more »

What Happens When We’re Around Unsafe People

I started telling you about Shauna in the last post. Since Shauna could not consistently control her thoughts and take mental victory, she was an open target for condemnation. She felt it from herself, from others and from the Evil One. The individuals that were working with her could not seem to understand that encouraging […] Read more »

Unsafe People Affect our Ability to Chose Safe People

Growing up in this continual emotional or physical trauma has devastating effects. Among other things, it impairs a person’s ability to trust others.  Is it little wonder that many people are not able to trust us with their life stories? From an early age Shauna remembers being screamed at by her father, while her mother […] Read more »

Safety Begins Within Us

Many Christian groups have done much to increase the physical safety of those within their walls.  In fact, most denominations have set policies for this.  Sunday School classrooms have inside windows, as do the offices of most pastors.  In some children’s groups, a teacher is not allowed to take a child to the washroom on […] Read more »