Why Me?

Others, anxious to defend God’s love and mercy, imply that He is an all-powerful God who has merely set the universe in motion. He does not interfere in the affairs of mankind. He has a kingdom, but his authority doesn’t extend beyond the throne room. He has set up the universe, established its operating rules, […] Read more »

It’s NOT the Victim’s Fault

Listening to anyone tell you their story of childhood sexual abuse is not easy. The first time someone told me their story, I remember feeling a mixture of disgust, rage and disbelief. I could hardly imagine that a parent could do such a thing to a young child. I’m not alone. Most of us would […] Read more »

Why We Hurt Each Other

I had been meeting with a lady for the past few months, helping her walk through a challenging situation. She had been sexually abused as a child and, while she had previously seen a counsellor, this was the first time she had looked at the pain in her life from a Christian perspective. We didn’t […] Read more »

Be Who Jesus Is…No Program, Relationship

(Jesus and the Pharisees  John 3: 1-21) Does it come as a shock to you that Jesus loved the Pharisees?  He did.  While he openly and publicly rebuked their religious practices, he desired that they come into a true relationship with God. In John chapter three Jesus receives a night time visitor, the Pharisee Nicodemus. […] Read more »

Be Who Jesus Is…Belief, not Condemnation

(Jesus and Peter Matthew 16: 13-28; Matthew 26:31-35; John 21: 15-19) Peter knew, the Spirit revealed to him, that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God! (Matthew 16:16)  It was a bold statement.  And Peter, who had a few short chapters earlier experienced walking on a storm-tossed sea, said it with conviction. […] Read more »

Be Who Jesus Is…Respect, Not Fear

(Jesus and the Woman at the Well John 4: 1-42) The disciples left their teacher, Jesus, beside a dusty well outside a town in Samaria. It was approaching midday, so most women, desiring to avoid the midday heat, had already come for water. The disciples went to town looking for some food, leaving Jesus to […] Read more »