8 Possible Signs of Dysthymia

Dysthymia is a milder form of depression that is just as treatable as depression and with the same medications. Here are some signs. 1.   Depressed mood most of the time for most days for at least two years with at least two of the following symptoms. 2.   Poor appetite or overeating 3.   Insomnia or oversleeping […] Read more »

14 Possible Signs of Depression

Compare yourself to the symptoms listed below.  If you see yourself being described, you should take this list to your physician and discuss it with him or her. 14 Possible Signs of Depression At least five of the following symptoms need to be present every day for at least two weeks when there is no […] Read more »

The Problems of Not Dealing with Emotional Wounds

Untold people have lost marriages and careers because they were in a spiritual home that did not allow them the privilege of addressing their emotional wounds.  I have known of married couples who were told that the whole problem in their marriage was based on the wife’s non-submissive character. So, the wife tried harder. And […] Read more »

The Definition of Insanity

Have you heard the definition of “insanity” used in the Twelve Step movement?  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! We don’t like to think of ourselves as insane, but sometimes we appear that way. We keep doing things the same way, but somehow expect different results. In Church […] Read more »

My Story – Part 2

Another positive in my first year as a follower of Jesus was that I discovered that a few of the gals I hung around with were actually Bible-believing Christians themselves. So, I had a ready-made discipleship group.  With some others, we started a Bible study group at our high school that grew to about twenty […] Read more »

My Story – Part 1

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. That’s how I remember the first year of so after becoming a Christian.  I remember the great peace in knowing that God loved me and had some purpose for me being here.  Coupled with that, I remember being confused. Had I just joined […] Read more »