Unsafe People Affect Our Ability to Trust God

People who have been wounded in their childhood have always known the reality that life is not safe; that things which sometimes seem safe are not.  They wonder why people say that families are important to the stability of society, when their family has self-destructed, leaving broken souls and broken bodies in its wake. Jesus […] Read more »

What Happens When We’re Around Unsafe People

I started telling you about Shauna in the last post. Since Shauna could not consistently control her thoughts and take mental victory, she was an open target for condemnation. She felt it from herself, from others and from the Evil One. The individuals that were working with her could not seem to understand that encouraging […] Read more »

Unsafe People Affect our Ability to Chose Safe People

Growing up in this continual emotional or physical trauma has devastating effects. Among other things, it impairs a person’s ability to trust others.  Is it little wonder that many people are not able to trust us with their life stories? From an early age Shauna remembers being screamed at by her father, while her mother […] Read more »

Safety Begins Within Us

Many Christian groups have done much to increase the physical safety of those within their walls.  In fact, most denominations have set policies for this.  Sunday School classrooms have inside windows, as do the offices of most pastors.  In some children’s groups, a teacher is not allowed to take a child to the washroom on […] Read more »

The Kingdom of God is a Safe Place

Safety is a promise of God’s kingdom.  God promised Israel that, in the Promised Land, there would come a day when there would be no more enemies.  But you will cross the Jordan and settle in the land the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, and he will give you rest from […] Read more »

Why We All Need Safety First

I am both honoured and surprised when people interject in a recovery group or counselling session, “I’ve never told anyone this.” The surprising thing is not the trauma the individual suffered or even their response to it. Time and time again I am surprised to be the first person who has heard of the horrors […] Read more »

Identify the Problems

It’s impossible to set out on a journey if you don’t think you need to go anywhere.  So, I began to identify the problems I was seeing, and also discovered possible solutions. First, I came to understand that emotional maturity is our ability to handle our emotional life in a God-honouring way.  God, after all, […] Read more »

Sometimes the “Church” Has Been Part of the Problem

Sometimes the “Church” Has Been Part of the Problem, Not the Solution As I entered into ministry, I started to notice a disturbing trend.  Many of the people who participated in our groups, or came for counselling, had some type of church background. (Probably two-thirds of the people who accessed our ministry fall into this […] Read more »

What God Taught Me About Freedom

You may wonder who I am. Twenty-five years ago, I was sure I had all the answers.  I knew the power of Christ had changed my life, and I was sure that it would do the same for others. But, underneath that veneer of assurance, I had my own personal struggles with change. You see, […] Read more »

Healing is What Jesus Did

Healing is what Jesus did in his ministry here on earth. Over and over again, people wounded in body and spirit came to him, and he did not turn them away. He touched them and made them whole. They became committed followers of Christ, doing great things in his name. Today, the church is the […] Read more »