13 Signs of Mania or Hypomania (mild mania)

Here are some of the signs of mania or hypomania:

1.   Exaggerated elation, rapid, unpredictable mood changes
2.   Irritability, impatience with others who can’t keep up with you
3.   Inability to sleep, not needing sleep, too busy to sleep and not being tired
the next day
4.   Big plans, inflated self-esteem, exaggerated self-importance, impulsive
5.   Increased talking, louder and faster and can’t stop
6.   Racing and jumbled thoughts, changing topics rapidly, no one can keep
7.   Poor concentration, distractibility
8.   Increased sexual desire, uninhibited, acting out of character or
9.   Markedly increased energy, “can’t be stopped,” erratic, aggressive
10.  Poor judgment, no insight, refusing treatment, blaming others
11.  Inappropriate high risk social behavior, brash, telling people off,
overreaction to events, misinterpreting events, distortion of meaning of
ordinary remarks
12.  Lasts hour to days, usually ending with a crash into profound depression
13.  Not caused by street drugs like “speed” or cocaine

The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only and does not replace the medical evaluation of a physician. 

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Taken from the book Emotionally Free, Chapter 12.by Grant Mullen M.D.

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