6 Signs of Schizophrenia or Any Psychotic Breakdown

Here are some signs for a psychotic breakdown:

1.   Emotionally flat and withdrawn or very excited, hostile or grandiose
2.   Poor verbal communication, disorganized, unconnected thoughts
3.   Delusional thinking, believing something to be true that is outside the
realm or reason and for which there is no real evidence, often religious
4.   Seeing things not visible to others or hearing things not audible to others
5.   Feelings of being watched or followed by other individuals or
6.   There are many complex symptoms in psychotic illnesses needing
professional assessment.  Basically, during a psychotic episode a person
loses touch with reality and is unable to function in his normal life
activities.  If you see this symptom, the person needs urgent medical

The information contained in this post is for educational purposes only and does not replace the medical evaluation of a physician.

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Taken from the book Emotionally Free, Chapter 12.by Grant Mullen M.D.

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