Healing is What Jesus Did

Healing is what Jesus did in his ministry here on earth. Over and over again, people wounded in body and spirit came to him, and he did not turn them away. He touched them and made them whole. They became committed followers of Christ, doing great things in his name. Today, the church is the body of Christ, called to bring healing to those wounded in body and spirit so that they will follow him forever.

There are broken foundations that need to be repaired in each one of our lives.  It is what we are called to do as the body of Christ.  We are not merely to slap some paint on the surface, but we are to be rebuild[ing] ancient ruins… rais[ing] up age-old foundations… repair[ing] broken walls…and restor[ing] streets with dwellings  (Isaiah 58:12; 61:4 NIVI).

As you read and learn, you will also, of necessity, look at your own life, and you will likely discover areas that need healing. Soul Surgeon shares anecdotes of leaders who have done so and lived to tell the tale. Learning about yourself, and growing through the process, will help you to become a better counsellor and leader for those in your care.

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