Healing Our Body, Soul and Spirit-Part 1

We may acknowledge that character is important, but in our faith-walk may only deal with what we would call the “spirit” rather than our emotional and intellectual life, even though that is what the soul is made of.

Dr. Grant Mullen (in Emotionally Free) makes a useful distinction between body, soul and spirit. In looking at the process of emotional healing, he says that there are three components. Body refers to our physical body, and it is important to consider medical components to personal struggles like depression. In other words, if someone is suffering from a down, discouraged mood, is it primarily caused by current factors-loss of job, dealth of loved one, end of marriage-or is it caused by medical factors such as imbalance of serotonine or dopamine, low thyroid or iron etc. Mullen would say that discouragement is primarily a sickness of the soul-past or present emotional wounds.
If you are discouraged or depressed it is important to see your doctor to address possible physical aspects. And contact me for help with the emotional and spiritual aspects of your disease.

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