How Many Victims of Sexual Abuse Are in Canada?

Now let’s look for a moment at the tragic reality of sexual abuse in our society.

“Twenty years ago [circa 1980], no reference was made in most psychology programs to child sexual abuse. If it was discussed at all, it was mentioned in passing, as an aberration, even though a number of studies existed reporting incidence rates consistent with current data…Now it is generally accepted that at least approximately one out of every four women and one out of every six to ten men have been sexually abused during childhood…These are considered conservative estimates. Other studies suggest a higher incidence…as many as one out of every three women has been sexually abused… [and] anywhere from 11 percent to 47 percent of sexual abuse victims are males”(quoted from Identifying Child Molesters by,van Dam, 75).

What all that means is that when you look at a group of one hundred people, 25 to 33 women were sexually abused as children, as well as a similar number of men. Sobering thought.

Where do you go to get help? Find a counsellor.


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