My Story – Part 2

Another positive in my first year as a follower of Jesus was that I discovered that a few of the gals I hung around with were actually Bible-believing Christians themselves. So, I had a ready-made discipleship group.  With some others, we started a Bible study group at our high school that grew to about twenty people. As far as we knew, it was the first such group established in our school.

Intermixed with these highs were periods of doubt and frustration.  I wondered at times if I really had gone off the deep end. When I had told my mother of my decision to follow Christ, she said, “That’s nice, dear, but don’t get too involved.” Maybe my mom was right.

Every week. I actively participated in a midweek Bible study with my church and my high school Bible study, while also attending church twice on Sundays.  I grew in spiritual knowledge, but, as I would only realize years later, remained emotionally stunted. (Over the years, it appears that we have changed the format, but still tend to disciple new Christians in the same way I was; lots of Bible [which is good], but not a whole lot of practical life skills application).

It was a good thing, reading my Bible and learning to pray.  I’m convinced that it kept me from going over the edge.  I’ve heard enough people’s stories to know that it is the same with many others, too.  The vast majority of sincere believers I have spoken with over the years who were involved in our ministry recovery groups or counselling share a common story.  Whether they came from Christian, pleasantly pagan or down-right evil homes, whether they were “nice” people before they “got saved” or had been “bad” sinners who drank, smoked, used drugs and slept around– they knew that something was missing in their lives. Spiritual disciplines kept them alive, but, without a complete package that included emotional healing and other life skills, they have struggled to live the abundant life which Jesus promised to His followers.

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