Soul Surgeon By Cheryl Shea

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Soul Surgeon eBook
becoming a healer of wounded hearts
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This book is not for the timid but for those who have the courage to take necessary steps to achieve a level of freedom they had never imagined.
-Grant Mullen, M.D. Author “Emotionally Free”

Counselling often fails because we focus on the symptoms or behaviour without looking at the roots of the problem. Other counselling methods fall short when they focus on healing the inner wounds without challenging people to let go of their sinful ways of dealing with their pain. Ultimately any Christian counselling must address the reality that we were created to enjoy fellowship not only with God but also with each other.
Excerpt from the chapter, Walls and Boundaries

Paul’s admonishment to the Corinthian church to get rid of the things of “the flesh” or “carnal behaviour” was another way of saying that their wounded soul was getting in the way of their “walking in the spirit.” It would be nice if we could simply ignore our wounded souls, but our sinful responses to our woundedness are a constant roadblock to our ability to walk in the freedom Christ has given us.
Excerpt from the chapter, The Healing Process

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