Mental Health Coaching

Twenty percent of Canadians will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. (A Report on Mental Illness in Canada, 2002, Public Health Agency of Canada) It is important to remember that mental illnesses such as clinical depression or bipolar disorder are medical conditions.

Unfortunately, many see mental health from only one perspective-either it is viewed as only an illness, or it is seen as only a psychological problem. To be treated effectively they require generally require medication and some type of counselling support.

Mental Health Coaching, unlike traditional counselling, helps you stay on track with your life goals, provides individual support, life skills training and symptom monitoring.

Specifically, you will have an intensive 50 minute assessment interview with me so that I can understand how mental illness has affected your life. From there we set attainable personal goals.  On a monthly basis we meet for two 30 minute coaching sessions, and connect for two fifteen minute telephone appointments. You will receive weekly encouragement and support for living your best possible life.

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